HSN Courses postponed due to corona virus

The government has just announced in a press conference that all schools, sports clubs and food and beverage companies will be closed immediately to fight the spreading of the corona virus. Naturally, HSN takes her responsibility: public health and the prevention of the corona virus from spreading are also our top priority!


HSN does everything it can to fulfill its role as a training company as good as possible during this special period. Every effort is made to resume the courses as soon as possible. This of course strongly depends on the further developments concerning the corona virus and the policy of the RIVM. The aim is to reschedule all courses to be moved within this course year.

All courses scheduled from March 16 to April 6 will be postponed. Students whose courses have expired will be notified again when the course will take place. They do not have to register for that course again. HSN makes every effort to maintain the range of courses on offer, so that students have sufficient opportunity to comply with their legal obligations.

No extra costs for you as a company / student

No additional costs will be charged to our relations / students for all courses scheduled in the period from March 16 to April 6 and have to be planned on another date. This applies to all HSN courses in the mentioned period.

As soon as there are new developments or additional information, this will be published on our website.




For more information about the delevopments of the Corona virus: https://www.rivm.nl/en/novel-coronavirus-covid-19/questions-and-answers



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