SVH Leermeester Horeca (Engels)

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6 x per year
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SVH Mentor Exam
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SVH Leermeester Horeca (Engels)

Become a certified SVH Mentor in the Hospitality Industry!

Always wanted to become a Mentor in the Hospitality Industry and guide students or (new) employees? Are you a professional in what you do and would you like to transfer this knowledge and your passion to others? Then follow the 3-day SVH Mentor Course and obtain your SVH Mentor Diploma!

SVH Course Mentor in the Hospitality Industry
(SVH Leermeester Cursus in het Engels)

During the 3-day SVH Mentor Course, we prepare you intensively for the SVH Mentor Exam and your (future) mentorship. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the focus during this course is on the practical part of your mentor career. We guide you in obtaining the SVH Mentor Diploma, so you can successfully start as a Mentor in the Hospitality Industry.

SVH Mentor Exam
(SVH Leermeester examen in het Engels) 

The SVH Mentor Exam takes place on the afternoon of the 3rd course day. The exam consists of 3 parts:

  • Portfolio (homework assignment)
  • Practical Exam ‘Coaching & Guidance’
  • Theory exam (30 multiple choice questions)

HSN automatically signs you up for the SVH exam. When you have passed all exam components, you will receive the SVH Mentor Diploma!

Online practice exams

During the SVH Mentor Course you will receive a login code to practice with online practice exams, in preparation on the theory exam. HSN has the most extensive database with practice exams in the Netherlands (250+ questions). Therefore HSN achieves the highest success rates on the theory component amongst all training institutes in the Netherlands.

SBB accredited work placement company
(SBB erkend leerbedrijf)

To ensure that the quality and level of (new) employees remains guaranteed, it is important that there are enough qualified Mentors to transfer this knowledge and passion. To be able to train MBO students, the company must be an accredited work placement company (in Dutch: erkend Leerbedrijf). To become an accredited work placement company, you must apply for admission at SBB (Stichting Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven). One of the requirements for obtaining this acknowledgement is that at least 1 certified Mentor is employed.

For whom is the ‘SVH Mentor Course’ suitable?

For entrepreneurs, supervisors and employees working in the hospitality industry who want to become a Mentor to guide students (and employees). It does not matter whether you work in a kitchen, restaurant, catering company or reception. The Mentor Course is suitable for everyone.

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course. Sufficient knowledge of the English language makes it easier to pass the SVH Mentor Exam.

Course topics 
  • Recruiting and selecting of (new) employees
  • Introducing and supervising (new) employees
  • Coaching and assessing employees
  • Different communication techniques
  • How to give and receive feedback
  • Continue to develop as a Mentor
In short.....

Are you looking for a course with which you can obtain the SVH Mentor Diploma at once, so you can successfully get started as a Mentor in the Hospitality Industry? Register now for the SVH Mentor Course of HSN!

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