Spoedcursus Sociale Hygiene Engels

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Spoedcursus Sociale Hygiene Engels

Social Responsibility and SVH exam in 1 day!

During the course Social Responsibility including the SVH exam in just one day, we will provide you with all the information and tools to pass the exam. So, are you looking for a way to pass your SVH exam successfully and quickly, join this 'Spoedcursus Sociale Hygiëne Engels'! 

Course Social Responsibility (Sociale Hygiëne Engels)

This course, which takes place from 9:00 am till 4:50 pm, provides a decent preparation for the exam of Social Responsibility (Sociale Hygiëne). During the course you will learn to take proper care of difficult situations such as dealing with guests who are influenced by alcohol or drugs. Furthermore, you will learn your responsibilities and how to take care of the safety of your guests, colleagues and yourself. 

SVH exam Social Responsibility

The SVH exam will start directly after the course at 5:10 pm and takes 40 minutes. The exam consists of 40 multiple choice questions (A,B,C). Once you have answered at least 29 questions correctly, you will receive your SVH Diploma!  

Online Practice exams Social Responsibility

When we have received your subscription, we will send you the SVH textbook Social Responsibility (if applicable) directly by post, including the invitation letter to join the course and the exam. In this invitation letter you will find your access codes for unlimited access to our online practice exams Social Responsibility. This database (with over 250 questions) will provide you a good preparation for the course and the SVH exam! We advise you to take 3 to 5 hours of preparation time into account, during which you will read the 'SVH Social Responsibility' course book and practice with the online practice exams.

Licensing and Catering Act (Dutch law: Alcoholwet)

When you are working in the hospitality industry in The Netherlands and you serve alcohol to guests, you will need to comply with the Licensing and Catering Act (which is called in Dutch: 'Alcoholwet'). You will also have to comply with this law if you work in an off-licence business. This law requires that during opening hours there must be at least 1 employee present who has the 'SVH Certificate Social Responsibility' (in Dutch: 'SVH Diploma Sociale Hygiëne'). Every entrepreneur but also every supervisor or independent employee is obligated to have this SVH Certificate. 

For whom is the 'Spoedcursus Sociale Hygiëne Engels' suitable? 

For entrepeneurs, supervisors and employees working in the hospitality industry or in liquor stores. When working in any other organisation where alcohol is being served to guests (like a community centre, health care institution or sports association) you will need the SVH Certificate as well. 

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course. Sufficient knowledge of the English language makes it easier to pass the exam Social Responsibility.

Course topics 

  • Dutch law 'Alcoholwet'
  • Alcohol consumption and alcohol abuse
  • Dealing with sexual intimidation, aggression and violence by guests
  • Taking care of safety in the organisation

In short...

Do you need the SVH Certificate quickly and you want to pass the SVH exam at once? Subscribe now for the Course Social Responsibility and SVH exam in 1 day! 

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