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Vraag 1:

What is disinfecting? 

Vraag 2:

When is the growth of bacteria delayed?   

Vraag 3:

What is the shelf life of defrosted self-prepared products at 4°C or colder? 

Vraag 4:

What should never be done at defrosted frying snacks?   

Vraag 5:

What is the minimum temperature for consumption ice cream upon delivery?

Vraag 6:

What is a critical process according to the Code of Hygiene?

Vraag 7:

Which pastry/pie may not be accepted unrefrigerated?

Vraag 8:

Which products do not apply specific temperature requirements?

Vraag 9:

What is cross-contamination?   

Vraag 10:

Why is leaking fluid of a product so dangerous?

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