Training HACCP (English)

In case your company preferes to organise the HACCP Course in English, we can arrange this as an InCompany Course. Our trainer teaches all about preparing, storage of, transport and serving food, followed by an exam to earn your certificate, all given at your company's location. 

Outline InCompany Training HACCP

The InCompany Hygienecode HACCP Course takes 2 times 3 hours, immediately followed by the exam. This creates the possibility to find a perfect match within the company's timeschedule as also an opportunity to spread both parts over 2 days. 

Course content

During the course, participants learn everything the Dutch Hygiene Code stands for. All employees who prepare, transport and / or serve food are obligated to work according to that Hygiene Code, which is part of the Dutch 'Warenwet'. After taking this course all participants know exactly what their work-related responsibilities are, all about and how to take care of Food Safety and how to fill out the registrationforms.   

Certificate of Participation

At the end of the course participants will take the HACCP test. This test contains 30 multiple choice questions and takes 30 minutes. Passing this test gets you the 'Certificate of Participation' immediately after it. This HACCP Certificate proves you have succesfully participated in the course and know all about Food Safety, as you are obligated to by Dutch law. 

Request for quotation

To receive more information on an InCompany Course HACCP call our InCompany Account Manager Minou Warbroek. You can reach Minou during workdays between 09.00am and 05.30pm, telephone number 076 - 52 33 661.

Rather use email? Fill out our InCompany Requestform.

Incompany training haccpMinou Warbroek
InCompany Account Manager
076 - 52 33 661


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