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Sociale Hygiene Engels Online

Pass the SVH exam with this exam training!

Are you looking for a possibility to pass the SVH Social Responsibility exam without joining a course? With this selfstudy course we provide you with the official SVH textbook with unlimited access to our online exam training. Study at home, in your own time, and take the exam when it suits you! 

SVH Certificate without joining a course

The Social Responsibility online exam training consists of the official SVH textbook including the SVH exam. You will learn in your spare time and you decide where and when you want to take the exam. The exam starts at 17:10 pm and takes 40 minutes. It consists of 40 multiple choice questions (A,B,C). Once you have answered at least 29 questions correctly, you will receive your SVH Certificate! 

Online Social Responsibility exam training

Test your knowledge with our online practice exams! After we receiver your subscription and payment we will reserve your exam place and you will get a confirmation letter. In this confirmation letter you will find access codes for our online exam training. This database (250+ questions) will provide you a sufficient preparation for the SVH exam.

For whom is the Sociale Hygiëne Engels Online training?

For everyone who is working in an organisation which needs to comply with the Licensing and Catering Act. When you serve alcoholic beverages to guests or sell alcoholic beverages in a liquor store and your name has to be on the permit of the organisation. 

Entry requirements

There are no requirements for this online exam training. Keep in mind that you have to study all by yourself! Do you want or need more support? Join our 1-day Spoedcursus Sociale Hyiëne Engels!  

Topics SVH textbook
  • Dealing with guests
  • Rule enforcement
  • Risk behaviour in rule enforcement
  • Discussion models
  • Alcohol, drugs, tobacco and gambling
  • Safety provisions
In short...

You want to pass the SVH exam without joining a day course, but you also want to practice with test exams? Book the Social Responsibility Online exam training! 

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