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HACCP Cursus Thuisstudie Engels

Receive the HACCP Certificate with this HACCP Home Study!

Are you looking for a possibility to obtain the HACCP Certificate without joining a day course? With this HACCP Home Study we provide you with the official 'Code of Hygiene', home lessons and the HACCP test. You will also get access to a home teacher to ask all your questions. Study at home in your own time, finish this home study when it suits you and receive your HACCP Certificate! 

HACCP Home Study

This home study consists of the official book 'Code of Hygiene for the hospitality and catering industry', additional background information about HACCP and food safety, two homework lessons and a HACCP test. Each homework lesson consists of approximately 20 questions and the answers of these questions can be found in de 'Code of Hygiene' and in the additional background information. You decide for yourself when you to make the homework lessons to send them to your personal homework teacher. This is possible by e-mail and by post. In addition, you also have the opportunity to ask questions to the teacher (by e-mail or by phone). 


When you have passed both homework lessons, you can take the HACCP Test (also at home) and send the answers in by post or by e-mail. This test, consisting of 30 multiple choice questions (A, B, C), can also be found in the homework package. Your homework teacher will check the HACCP Test and when you have passed the test you will receive the HACCP Certificate by post.

NVWA and Dutch Law ('Warenwet')

Companies that prepare or handle food must do so in a safe and hygienic way. This prevents guests from becoming ill. One of the requirements from the 'Warenwet' (Dutch Law) is that companies must have a food safety plan ('HACCP plan') that maps out what can go wrong and how these risks can be prevented. That is why it is important that every empolyee who handles food has taken a training of instruction in HACCP Food Safety. The NVWA (Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority) also checks whether employees have sufficient knowledge of preparing and handling food safely during an inspection. This home study will provide you with all the necessary knowledge to answer the questions of the NVWA. 

For whom is the HACCP Study suitable? 

For entrepreneurs, supervisors and employees working in the hospitality industry or in the catering business. When working in any other organisation where food is being served to guests (like a community centre, health care institution or sports association) you will need this HACCP Food Safety knowledge as well. 

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements for this home study. 

Homework lessons
  • Homework lesson 1: Basic requirements, food safety, registrations, critical processes
  • Homework lesson 2: Steps of the process, personal hygiene, preparation of dishes, purchasing and storage, presentation and serving, cleaning
In short...

Do you want to learn everything about food safety and do you prefer studying at home in your own time? Register now for the HACCP Home Study! 

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