BHV Basis Cursus Engels

E-learning + 1 day
Once a month
4 locations
BHV exams
BHV Certificate
245, - (excl. 21% BTW)

BHV Basis Cursus Engels

Become Emergency Response Officer in 1 day

The Working Conditions Act in the Netherlands is called “de Arbowet”. In this Act it says that the employer shall seek the assistance of one or more employees who have been designated as emergency response experts. To become an Emergency Response Officer, we offer an ideal combination of an online learning plus one training day!

BHV E-learning + exams (English)

Before the training day takes place, you have to conclude the theoretical part by using our dynamic and educational E-learning. The alternating learning modules consist of the curriculum with theory and examples in both writing and images/short movies. Also you can find exercises which are offered in a fun and pleasant way. To conclude the e-learning there are two theoretical exams and you must answer at least 70% of the questions correctly to pass. Approximately it takes 4 to 6 hours to successfully complete the e-learning and it have be done at least three working days before the training day takes place.

BHV training day

During the training day we practise how to handle in case of an emergency. Examples of exercises are providing first aid in event of accidents, extinguishing fires and raising the alarm and evacuating employees and other individuals from an establishment. The instructor will pay attention to the theory which has been studied online and will provide extra information if necessary. A good preparation through e-learning ensures that the practical acts can be done in an active way and at a high pace.

For who is the BHV Course (Basic Course Blended Learning)?

For entrepreneurs, managers and employees of large and small organizations who have been designated as emergency response experts.

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course other than the minimum age of 18 years.

Course topics

Theory E-Learning:

  • Common rules first aid
  • (Non-)emergency rescue
  • Extinguishing a fire and evacuation

BHV training day

  • Door procedure
  • Extinguish exercises with various extinguishers
  • Applying CPR (with AED –  automatic external defibrillator)
  • Stable side position
  • Bandaging
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